Sina, age 20


-Girls invoke generations of maritime culture and history,


Crustaceans l Artist Statement


These portraits recall pictures of fishermen holding up their “Big Catch” – in this case, girls pose with lobsters. These girls have inherited the traditions of their small community, St. George; set on the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, Canadian. This town depends on the fishing industry, including the lobster. While each of these girls invokes generations of maritime culture and history, she also adds her own personal flair and challenges the status quo. Each portrait blends a sense of nostalgia and forward movement – as the girls recall the rich cultural history of St. George, they also revamp the traditions in a way that works for them. I also hope to capture a sense of this political era in which girls and women now stand front and center. These girls won’t step aside. They fill the frame and command our attention, insisting that their stories matter too.


The girls handle the crustaceans in their hands in their own unique ways: some cradle, some squirm, some raise it aloft triumphantly. This series is ongoing in that each girl will be photographed for many summers to come, holding a lobster, in the same spot with the same background. Over time, the girls come up with their own strategies to deal with the strange creature. As these series builds and layers, the portraits begin to reveal the intimate process of growing up: learning to cope with tough, spiky situations, discovering how to hold on to the things that matter, and finding a voice.